GnL Footwear a new way of walking

As an avid runner, Swiss inventor Jürg Braunschweiler was not satisfied with the simple vertical cushioning offered by «normal» shoe soles. Thinking that cushioning should also be horizontal, he was able to design a sole that cushions the impact on the ground in all directions by means of hollow, retractable studs. These studs retract on full-impact, thus facilitating a quick and direct push-off across the entire sole. This makes for an optimal, gentle walking movement that reduces the burden upon joints, ligaments and the spine. Derived from the everyday experiences and observations of nature Jürg Braunschweiler invented the GnL technology (Glide’n Lock™) which provides the foot with 360° cushioning in all directions and adopted this sole into their new men's collection which combines sporty and fresh designs with classic Italian style and craftsmanship.

GnL has been able to engage Swiss endurance athlete Ronnie «I-Ron» Schildknecht as its brand ambassador. Schildknecht won the Swiss Ironman competition seven times in a row, and he holds the North-American Ironman course record. The Ironman winner wears GnL shoes after competitions to regenerate his muscles and joints more speedily. Combining a unique style with functional casualness, the GnL and its 3D cushioning helps me to recover, while still looking stylish. 

 You can order them online in their new online shop and by using the «Shoesizeme» calculator, customers can determine their exact shoe size without having tried on a GnL shoe beforehand. As well as in the online shop, the shoes are also available in several shops in Switzerland and neighbouring countries. All collections are designed and made in Italy optimally combining fashion and function in these comfortable shoes.

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