Shame the new novel by Melanie Finn

Most of us have a plan. Somewhere to go if something awful happens. Pilgrim Jones doesn't. She looks up at a departures board and takes the first flight. She’s running away: from the husband who left her and the unspeakable crime she can’t remember committing.  She alights on the edge of Africa, descending into a world of mercenaries and desperados, witchcraft and ghosts.  As the familiar structure of her life fades, so does her ability to discern the real from the imagined. 
The consequences of her actions ripple outward, touching and shaping lives around her in unintended ways. She’s haunted and hunted, and finally forced to account for what she’s done.

Melanie Finn's newest book "Shame" published by  Weidenfeld and Nicholson.

Melanie Finn's newest book "Shame" published by Weidenfeld and Nicholson.

“A brilliantly written account of a soul in torment and the way she is pursued by her own fate.  Finn evokes the darkness and light of Africa with the same sureness that she calls forth the brightness and shadow of the human heart.” – Tim Lott, The Scent of Dried Roses, Rumours of a Hurricane, Under the Same Stars

 “Haunting and atmospheric… I was completely hooked” – Leila Aboulela, Minaret, The Translator, Lyrics Alley

"Full of empathy and intelligence... with no shadow of didacticism or propaganda, it explores the nuances of our moral choices." - The Syndey Morning Herald

Melanie Finn has worked as a screenwriter and a journalist, her first novel, Away From You, was published to great critical acclaim in 2004, and was longlisted for the ORANGE and IMPAC PRIZEs. She is also the founder and director of the Natron Health Project, which brings healthcare to Maasai communities in Northern Tanzania read more about this in our upcoming 06th issue. Please support this great cause under