Meet the Barons, the most admired people in Firenze & soon in the world.

If you have manners or style, you don’t want to miss this story. This is a previously unwritten and uncovered story about Barons and my guide to what you need to know about contemporary style and manners.

The Grand Barons. Clyde Baron, Max Noble & Kamal Eddine Regbi. By the way, that's me in the middle. 

The Grand Barons. Clyde Baron, Max Noble & Kamal Eddine Regbi. By the way, that's me in the middle. 

You know these glossy magazines about fashion? Forget about them. And the starved boy-model in it? Already forgotten. Hipster beard? I got you there, didn’t I? If you are a man and have seen other people the last year or so, you have probably wondered how the woodchopper beard would look on you. Just admit it. And then forget it and move on. Hipsters are the victims of bad and misguided marketing to make us men look like we somehow more authentic and could kill a grisly if needed. Yes, wood chopping is good. I do it every time I when I go back to Finland to fire the sauna and I wear the boots, the weared down shirt and the stocking cap if it is cold. But I don’t wear it in Copenhagen and I would not definitely wear it at Pitti Uomo. That would be inauthentic and it looks stupid.

I am in Florence, Italy, the current ground zero of men’s style and I am with real people with real ideas and most interestingly, with real impact. I am talking about new idea that somehow captures everybody’s attention at once and seems to transfer everybody facing it. Meet the Barons. The most photographed and talked about people of the show in Florence.

But before we move on, I have a confession: I am a Baron. I am probably the worst and the best person to write about Barons. I am an insider, making me not objective. Yet at the same time I have the insider knowledge and insights that no-one else has, - yet. And the story of Barons is not been told before. Why is that? Simply because it is born as I am writing about it. It is born out of the urge to have manners and style combined with coherent life-philosophy. And we are many here in Florence this week. We are the people with superior style, great manners and true values. No-one has yet written about it.

My name is Max Noble. I am an art adventurer, watch connoisseur and globetrotter, and I commit acts of nobleness around the world. This was my first part of the article serie: The Barons.

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