Why people with class never reject kind words

How to avoid making the most common mistake in replying to compliment?

In the realm of life you must learn to accept others respect and admiration. The problem in being unease with success is that rather than humbly accept, people often choose to reject or dilute the compliment. It is tempting to say something like: “Thank you, but I felt that my presentation was slow” or ask for additional reassurance: “Oh, but what do you think of my voice, - was it breaking?”

Now imagine for a moment to be that person who has seen you perform well and simply wants to express his admiration and you choose to appear prudent by saying “Oh, that was nothing.”, what would his thoughts be about your reply? Confusion and less respect.

Understand this: Respect and admiration, especially when expressed in public forum are like bonfire. It will spread, reinforce itself and make everybody more content. That is why you need to learn to say the following two words every time when you receive a compliment. “Thank you!” No rejection of kind words. No showing of insecurity or changing the subject. It only undermines the compliment and possibly insults the giver. And most likely it stops the compliments from being made by that person again.

Your duty is to say the magic words: Thank you. The most accomplished people have learned this, and it is very easy implement. Just put your inner thoughts aside for a moment and make the moment pleasant for both of you.

Good manners & style go never out of fashion. -Max Noble

Good manners & style go never out of fashion. -Max Noble

When aiming for a class, add a final touch by sharing the credit whenever appropriate. Share your positive feelings about others. That is one of most subtle ways of gaining friends. It will aslo add a new dimension of kindness and makes the conversation flow.

My name is Max Noble. I am an Adventurer, Connoisseur and Connector, and I commit acts of nobleness around the world. This was my today's note about good manners

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