Why You as a Man Do Not Exist in the Eyes of Women

This is a lighter note. Not scientifically proven. A fun note. Yet I know it to be the truth. It comes from my wife, the all-knowing oracle of mine.

What do men think? The bitter-sweet truth is that men are utterly simple. We think of women, success and enjoying the life. In that order. We, the men, are efficient machines, created by millions of years of evolution crafted with one thing in mind. Reproduction. Go to any man’s head and we all have three things in common: Sex, Leaving Legacy and Fun.

"Women have many more enemies than men have. And the enemies are very visible. And more the Enemy sends the sex, legacy & fun signals, more enemies they make." -Max Noble

Enter the women and we men are completely and unreservedly mesmerized by them. They have our full attention. They have our brain twisted and rocked everytime they enter the room. We men are the weak sex. We are simple, drooling creatures that love anything to do with those three things. Preferably in one bundle. If the woman possesses even a hint of all the three qualities, we are doomed to switch off our logic and stare. That’s why we are creepy puppies. Our brains do not function properly when women are around.

Ok. Those were my thoughts. Back to my wife. I showed her this, I thought an amazing video, from my friends about Polo.

While we watch movies or anything visual, we need to mirror ourselves in one of the roles we see, otherwise there is no effect. In this case my sub consciousness chose me to become the Polo player standing on moving convertible Bentley, swinging the mallet (a long-handled stick used in Polo) towards the ball and it made feel me pretty good about the scenario.

My wife saw something else. There are glimpses of Polo spectators in the movie. Most of them have the proper Polo spectator outfit on. Meaning sunglasses, some wearing a hat, very nicely dressed most of them. Now to the key finding. I asked what were her thoughts about the 1 minute movie. She struggled to say anything, and I got even more curious. Why this amazing sport and movie makes her itchy? Below is my interpretation and conclusion of the insightful discussion we had about the well-kept secret of women. To be blazenly open, most of it is my own interpretation. My wife might even deny that the discussion had these conclusions. But this is the truth.

Truth of First Impression. Men do not exist in the eyes of the women, - if there are other women around they focus on them. Why? Because their hormones are tribal. Women look at other women to see if they fit into their social codex. Expressed in manners, clothing and values. These other women fit into two rough categories. Friends and Enemies. The Friends are the ones the woman feels safe with. Ultimately, these friends are there for them to support in the case the reproduction and safety machine of man goes broken or is kicked away. Thus the bonding. Women bond all the time with other women because it makes them feel safe. Then there are the Enemies. And there are many of them. Women have many more enemies than men have. And the enemies are very visible. And more the Enemy sends the sex, legacy & fun signals, more enemies they make. They are not part of the tribe. Women are so focused on this Friend/Enemy battle in their head that they don’t see the men. They are in Tribal mode. Unless…

There are two exceptions that switch the Tribal mode off.

Firstly there are the demigods. The ideal husbands that the women wants to share their genes with. They are the saints and rakes at the same time. They can save the babies from burning building, while looking ruggedly handsome. These demigods have the aura that makes women confused, emotional and ready to reproduce right away. At least so say their hormones. My estimate is that about 5% of the male population has this gift. Most of them are blatantly ignorant of it. They just have it.

Secondly, the exotic and unexplainable man that captures women’s attention, not by their good looks, although it helps, but being a stranger. The woman is fascinated by this mysterious man because he offers better survival for her genes. Mixture of two wildly different gene pools has better survival change than two very similar gene pools. She is fascinated by the opposite of her, the color of the eyes, strange habits or manners, the adventure. Break from the usual routine.

Final Note. To capture woman’s attention, the man's first impression needs hint either demigod or exotic creature, preferably both. Otherwise women ignore the man and pay attention to other women. 

My name is Max Noble. I am an Adventurer, Cosmopolitan & Life Connoisseur, and I commit acts of nobleness around the world. This was my today's story about Why Women Do Not Notice Men, part of my book "The Laws of First Impression".

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