The hastiness of our lives is doesn’t surprise us anymore. Everything needs to be done yesterday and life has to be suppressed to the most efficient timeslot. We are living vulgar lives with no respect to others and ourselves. 

We think fast. We talk fast. We walk fast. We eat fast. This is the essence of our lives. We are not in control of our lives. Inwardly we know this is wrong, but outwardly we bend for the next available task. There is no grace left in our lives and we are allowed the time and space diminish in our lives. Deprived of our bewildered minds, we are unlikely to react with more than gloominess and googling the next citybreak or antidepressants. 

Where is the grace in our lives? Is it better to surrender than to fight; faced with powerful opponent and sure defeat? Let the world decide the speed you live your life. If you feel anger or downright disappointment over who is in charge of your life, there is one simply solution to make your life more gracious and grand. 

Teach yourself patience and self-control. Start by walking slow. Look around and suddenly you see how the others are in a state of vulgar rush. If you dare, stop for a minute and observe how your heartbeat slows down. But be ready for nasty surprise: your mind can become anxious. It wants the stress back. It wants the fix of adrenalin and control over your better you. The Grace.

Grace & Vulgarity do not co-exist. -Max Noble

Grace & Vulgarity do not co-exist. -Max Noble

You need to be royal in your own fashion. Think slow. Give yourself time to reflect and observe. Talk slow and be the last one to speak. Be bold and do not talk until others have said their mind. This has the advantage of knowing what others think, before you make your statement. Walk graciously and be deliberately slow. Just to fight against your own primitive urges of vulgar rush. Stop the time and be the king of your own time. 

You are in charge what you think, what you say, how you walk and how you eat. These are your privileges. Honor your life by crushing the vulgar, pathetic beast in you and start thinking and acting slow.

My name is Max Noble. I am an Adventurer, Connoisseur and Connector, and I commit acts of nobleness around the world. This was my today's note about First Impressions and Grace.

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