Casual & Aimless. You enter to the promised land of First Impression with high hopes, only to find out that the other is stuck inside his own head, without ability to think beyond his own concerns and routines. The great majority of First Impressions you experience are utterly haphazard muddles of assemblies.

This narrow-mindedness of others represents immense possibility to anyone who seeks to succeed in life. You need to learn think beyond yourself. Plan ahead.

I am going to share a secret with you. You know this to be true, yet no one have told it to you. The finding has been published only in an obscure academic magazine called Journal of Consumer Research just few years ago. 

Imagine yourself meeting your idol, someone you respect, - in person. You are alone with him and you have a glimpse of him. The First Impression is created. Then, imagine you in a group of people, your friends, meeting the idol. You do this together, - take in the First Impression the idol creates for you. 

"Master the Mass First Impression and you will Master your Destiny." Roger Federer by Marc Gysin

"Master the Mass First Impression and you will Master your Destiny." Roger Federer by Marc Gysin

Now read carefully. This is important. The research that the Oxford researchers did, found out that the joint experience, the one where you get to meet your idol in a group, trigger “a more holistic (less analytic) processing style”. 

Interpretation: Joint experiences are more open for insinuation. You are more in charge of your First Impression when there is a group of people experiencing it.

The second finding: “…evaluations of later episodes assimilate to first impressions.” Interpretation: The first impressions experienced with others have even bigger impact than when experienced alone. The First Impression done in front of a group of people, overshadows the experiences afterwards.

Law of First Impression. People in groups are biased to be inattentive. Use this in your advantage. Strengthen your First Impression by making it public, more the people, bigger the snowball effect. Hone your skill to make a precise and favorable First Impression in front of a group of people. Make your public appearances to your masterpieces. When mastered you can be sure that it has magnified effect. You have planted a seed and it grows in the minds of others.

Final Note. If perfected, this skill of Mass First Impression can lead to unprecedented success in your life. People will fall under your spell and your life becomes smoother and grander. It is now up to you decide how your First Impression looks and feels. Master the Mass First Impression and you will Master your Destiny.

My name is Max Noble. I am an Adventurer, Cosmopolitan & Life Connoisseur, and I commit acts of nobleness around the world. I am authoring a book titled part of "The Laws of First Impression", which this article is part of.