Creative Director and artist, Gyunel at work in her London-based atelier.

Creative Director and artist, Gyunel at work in her London-based atelier.

GYUNEL is a luxury brand known across the globe for creating the absolute finest in bespoke couture. Highly reputed for its exquisite craftsmanship and timeless design, it has grown to be a top choice for the world’s most influential women, whilst modestly gaining much admiration and recognition from the international press.

Founded in 2005 by Azerbaijan born, Gyunel, who then embarked on a creative quest to retell the story of timeless fashion, GYUNEL today caters to an exclusive couture clientele, offering an unparalleled by-appointment-only service at the House’s opulent showroom just opposite Harrods in London’s Knightsbridge.

With an eye for refined craftsmanship, elegance and reverie, GYUNEL has undoubtedly set a new standard in the realm of bespoke couture. Before expanding her horizons in fashion and couture, Gyunel was a successful artist. Each of her collections starts with her creative oil paintings, and is then transformed into working fashion designs.

These paintings are subsequently turned into prints on duchess, organza, crepe de chine and georgette created in-house in her London atelier. Gyunel is known for her ethereal prints and unique designs across all collections, and the supernatural theme of this collection continues to prove her signature creativity. 

Friends of the brand include Natalie Portman, Sharon Stone, Michelle Yeoh, Eva Longoria, Cara Delevingne, Olivia Palermo, Erin O’Connor, Yasmin Le Bon, Coco Rocha, Izabel Goulart, Nina Agdal and HRH Princess Al Said of Oman. 

Friends of GYUNEL wearing her creations at high profile events worldwide.

Friends of GYUNEL wearing her creations at high profile events worldwide.

At the GYUNEL Couture Autumn/Winter 2017-18 collection presented during Haute Couture week in Paris, France, all eyes were on the place Vendôme celebrated landmark that is the Hotel d’Evreux. The event took its form as a runway show attended by the likes of actress Marisa Berenson, fashion icon Christina Pitanguy, bloggers Kristina Bazan, Daniela Botero and Zara Alexandrova and designer Olivier Lapidus with his two daughters, Milla and Koukla.

A star-studded congregation arrived at the GYUNEL Couture Autumn/Winter 2017-18 show.

A star-studded congregation arrived at the GYUNEL Couture Autumn/Winter 2017-18 show.

On the catwalk appeared model and philanthropist, Petra Nemcova in ‘Fitna and the Bull’ (look 11), carrying a bull-shaped sculpted artwork on her shoulders, thus tying in Gyunel’s inspiration with the focal point of women’s empowerment principles.

Inspired by George Orwell’s dystopian masterpiece “1984”, as well as Kurt Wimmer’s “Equilibrium”, Gyunel’s latest couture collection combines avant-garde architectural lines with natural elements in what she describes as “what I imagine the characters would try to create for their utopia, after destroying the dystopian regime”. Her outfits represent an impression of nature and abstract modern architecture working together to create an otherworldly universe, full of balance between the modern and the organic.

This collection tells the story of a girl that teleports through time and space, from old books to parallel universes and mythological lands. Gyunel describes her muses as Luc Besson’s “Lucy, a character who takes drugs and begins to acquire increasingly enhanced physical and mental capabilities, such as telepathy, telekinesis, mental time travel, and the ability not to feel pain or other discomforts”, and Fitna from the Azeri folktale where a young girl carries a calf on her shoulders every day until adulthood at which time the calf has grown into a full-sized bull, in order to impart a lesson to the King that one can achieve everything with practice.

There is a beautiful sense of escapism in this particular story, and the colour palette follows this journey, as the collection flows from dark to light. Structured textiles representing the two contrasting worlds of nature and urban modernity fuse together in perfect harmony. Techniques include twisted bugle embellishments, structured translucent organza surfaces with visible loose metallic threads woven with jacquard to emphasise the turmoil one must go through when plotting against their old ideals. Geometric diamond cuts coupled with soft metallic abstract prints highlight femininity and demonstrate strength within the muse. From a dark past, our muses move towards an optimistic, idealistic future. 


This Is Where The Fashion Is Born - Behind The Scenes Photos


It is a sizzling hot morning in June, and the clocks are striking ten. The most influential menswear trade show in Florence, Pitti Uomo has opened its gates wide open. It is a mismatch of an pre-Interet era trade-show and Instagram fashion purists’ playground. The paparazzi’s and various fashion hunters have lined up their big lenses towards the eclectic crowd. People passing by are professionals. They know exactly how to look, smile (or rather not to smile), pose and still keep moving like it was a day like any other. Except it is not.

Behind every Instagram profile, there is a much more complex person that’s the key to understand the style and fashion you see now in magazines, Youtube and with half a year delay, on street. Pitti Uomo is the place where the fashion is created, shared and celebrated by the Internet era creative geniuses.

Today is the day these prodigies of fashion and creativity show their results of months, maybe years’ preparation. And every time, Instagram goes mad about these guys. They are free prey for the hungry bloggers, photographers, journalists, tv-hosts and their followers love it. It is the powerful mixture of genius personalities (with vast followings), their unique creations and the background of gorgeous, mediaval Florence that creates this fiesta of creativity and marvel. And the Internet loves it. There is so much rich content for the bloggers and photographers that the Internet frenzy doesn’t stop until the next Pitti Uomo starts (after 6 months). But is not only the media that is interested about the latest creations. The exhibition halls around the Piazza where the creative geniuses show their feathers are full of Big Fashion Corporations, holding their breath and making notes what to include to their next collection. This is where the fashion is born.  

My name is Max Noble and I am an Adventurer, Cosmopolitan & Life Connoisseur and I am writing a book titled "The Laws of First Impression - Your guide on how to Master the Power of First Impression"

RUBIROSA announces the launch of the next level of Gentlemen’s Sneakers

Gentlemen’s Sneakers: An innovative brand to launch through a Worldwide Crowdfunding Kickstarter Campaign

Flavio Agosti, the co-founder of RUBIROSA just announced the launch of the next generation of gentlemen’s sneakers.; the most recent invention and creativity in men‘s shoes designed by hand using top-quality leather and maintaining the exclusive standards of Italian craftsmanship. It is the leading smart and creative men‘s shoe that helps the wearer relax and move better either at home or on-the-go by combining comfort and high quality in line with the ability to correctly secure the shoe with a simple well knitted showlace.

RUBIROSA is a Swiss based private firm established with the primary aim of ensuring that its esteemed customers get high quality and innovative products at great prices leveraging on years of experience in craftmanship, quality control and production management. The firm is focused on designing fascinating and innovative gentlemen’s shoes using the highest quality of leather materials as well as the experience of centuries of traditional Italian craftmanship.

Through a perfect blend of expertise, ancient Italian traditional craftsmanship, sophisticated leather materials and cutting edge technology, RUBIROSA has earned a standing reputation in the design and delivery of the most captivating and fashionable men’s shoes leading to the satisfaction of its valued customers as well as positive feedback and referral. RUBIROSA products are born out of the philosophy of the legendary Latin American gentleman Porfirio Rubirosa; a fashion icon who lived between 1909 and 1965.

RUBIROSA has announced its crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter to raise funds for the production of the next generation of gentlemen’s sneakers and to finalizise the new packaging components so that the sneakers can arrive in homes across the world as soon as possible. Kickstarter; is an enormous global community built around creativity and creative projects established with the mission of bringing creative projects to life. It is the ideal platform to launch the next generation of gentlemen’s sneakers because RUBIROSA has an attractive and creative product which offers an exquisite way of bringing comfort and relaxation to the users.

Flavio Agosti says, “We believe people are going to fall in love with our new generation of gentlemen’s sneakers and the story of the brand. Our unique and high quality handcrafted gentlemen’s sneakers are made from the finest leather materials using the traditional standards of Italian craftmanship in the most experieced workshop in Italy. It delivers high-performance, unrivalled comfort and durable wearer experience to the users“.

The high-quality gentlemen’s sneakers are aimed at modern cosmopolitans of every age who value class and aesthetics. Men who have certain aspirations for themselves and those around them. Like the style icon Rubirosa, this young label represents an outlook on life: embracing beautiful things, fashion, style, pleasure, personality, authenticity and creativity. The unmistakable character of the handcrafted shoes is revealed primarily in its day-to-day wear and the quality of the materials shines through in their unbeatable wearer comfort.

For more information about the gentlemen’s sneakers visit www.rubirosa.com and to support the Kickstarter campaign visit

The Barons: Do Not Be a Bore

It is a ragtag, yet the most refined group of men on earth. That’s the simple truth about The Barons. But as you can feel it, it is not quite enough to leave it there. Who are these people acting by way of they were the kings of the world, giving themselves grand titles like, The Baron of Monaco and The Baroness of Quito? Isn’t that just some out of proportions game they are playing? No. It is not. These gentlemen and ladies have much more depth than just their exotic and very visual style suggests. They have values. Good values. They have depth, and most of them yearn to make the world a better place.

From the right: The Barons of Copenhagen (Max Noble) & of Baham (Defustel Ndjoko), The Baroness of Quito (Maríe José Incisa-di Camerana) and the Barons of Brussels (Clyde Baron) and Marolles (Kamal Eddine Regbi). 

From the right: The Barons of Copenhagen (Max Noble) & of Baham (Defustel Ndjoko), The Baroness of Quito (Maríe José Incisa-di Camerana) and the Barons of Brussels (Clyde Baron) and Marolles (Kamal Eddine Regbi). 

But let’s get back for a moment to their most noticeable trait. Peacocking. What is that? It is an act when a group of (mainly) men gather together to make an impact with their clothes and manners. It is not for faint hearted. It is a visual fiesta like no other and requires major “cohones” from the participants. Peacocking can be planned, but most often it is an improvised meeting, nearing a grand show on public place. I participated several shows last week at Pitti Uomo, one of the most respected fashion shows. And how was the response? The first day we couldn’t (or wanted) to get inside the show as we were photographed and interviewed for straight 6 hours and that’s while we had the time of our lives.

Enjoying your time is one of the most visible traits of when participating Barons life. There are no dulls or bores among us. It is expected to live like we were meant to live: only once. It is about being present, being there for others and making most out of the moment. Just for it’s own sake. It is an explosion of creativity and good manners where the women are ladies and men gentlemen. The other aspect of being a Baron is about respecting the women and treating them well. As many modern men have not grown with this trait, each Baron needs to find his own path. Some are most comfortable with Gary Grant mannerism, some lean towards Victorian era style and some 1920’s laissez-fair.  One thing is certain though; bad mannerism is a taboo, like the casual dressing is not tolerated.

Being a Baron is much to do about respect. Respect for yourself and others. In that order. You cannot just copy their style. That would make you a dandy. Barons go deeper than that and one major element about becoming granted the title of Baron, is not to be a bore. It is about enjoying the life. Being present and showing to others how to do it with style.

To be continued...

My name is Max Noble. I am an Adventurer, Connoisseur and Globetrotter, and I commit acts of nobleness around the world. This was my second part of the article serie: The Barons. Click here for the first one.

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Meet the Barons, the most admired people in Firenze & soon in the world.

If you have manners or style, you don’t want to miss this story. This is a previously unwritten and uncovered story about Barons and my guide to what you need to know about contemporary style and manners.

The Grand Barons. Clyde Baron, Max Noble & Kamal Eddine Regbi. By the way, that's me in the middle. 

The Grand Barons. Clyde Baron, Max Noble & Kamal Eddine Regbi. By the way, that's me in the middle. 

You know these glossy magazines about fashion? Forget about them. And the starved boy-model in it? Already forgotten. Hipster beard? I got you there, didn’t I? If you are a man and have seen other people the last year or so, you have probably wondered how the woodchopper beard would look on you. Just admit it. And then forget it and move on. Hipsters are the victims of bad and misguided marketing to make us men look like we somehow more authentic and could kill a grisly if needed. Yes, wood chopping is good. I do it every time I when I go back to Finland to fire the sauna and I wear the boots, the weared down shirt and the stocking cap if it is cold. But I don’t wear it in Copenhagen and I would not definitely wear it at Pitti Uomo. That would be inauthentic and it looks stupid.

I am in Florence, Italy, the current ground zero of men’s style and I am with real people with real ideas and most interestingly, with real impact. I am talking about new idea that somehow captures everybody’s attention at once and seems to transfer everybody facing it. Meet the Barons. The most photographed and talked about people of the show in Florence.

But before we move on, I have a confession: I am a Baron. I am probably the worst and the best person to write about Barons. I am an insider, making me not objective. Yet at the same time I have the insider knowledge and insights that no-one else has, - yet. And the story of Barons is not been told before. Why is that? Simply because it is born as I am writing about it. It is born out of the urge to have manners and style combined with coherent life-philosophy. And we are many here in Florence this week. We are the people with superior style, great manners and true values. No-one has yet written about it.

My name is Max Noble. I am an art adventurer, watch connoisseur and globetrotter, and I commit acts of nobleness around the world. This was my first part of the article serie: The Barons.

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Have you stopped dressing poorly yet?

Warning: This article includes random rant about bad style.

Once upon the time there was no excuse for dressing poorly. And I mean not just casually, but badly and incompetently. This was a generation ago (or two, depending who you ask). The time when trousers were considered casual and jeans belonged to real cowboys.

"I'd rather consciously overdress, than inconsciously underdress."

"I'd rather consciously overdress, than inconsciously underdress."

I am wearing jeans while writing this. For my excuse, I am alone and I am not planning to meet anyone. But next week? I am going to Firenze, to attend an annual fashion show called Pitti Uomo. While jeans are part of the show even there, the colossal show four-day trade fair is known to have the most stylish crowd of all. More pictures about the rakish fair attendants are spread in social media, than about the grand catwalks. It simply the ground zero of fashion. And it is refreshing and very social media era like, that the real people are the center of attention and not some 17-year-old starved model.

Next week, in Firenze it is more than just ok to have style. It is mandatory. There is no excuse for trainers or poor hair cut. Call me crazy, but trainers should be used, - you guessed: when you train. The rubber boots are to be used when it really rains and you need to walk through a wet field. Not in a shopping mall when you are doing your grocery shopping, unless you plan to go fishing between the café latte and buying the bread. And it is common courtesy to have cultivated appearance when meeting other people. That is even more so if you are not cultivated.

The world seems to go in circles. About twenty years ago it was all about stonewashed jeans and Diesel ruled the world. Now in past 5 years more people have become more aware that the hipster look looks ridiculous if there is no authencity behind it. You simply cannot pull the shaggy beard and rubber boots look off if you don’t work in forest or outdoors, doing real manual work. Sitting in SoHo and sharing a work desk while eating a sandwich from Pret-a-Manger and wanting to look like you are going to chop some wood and shoot a rabbit, is just not real. People can see through it. It is just not like that I don’t like jeans. I love them and wear them often. But underdressing must stop. The same goes to Trumpism. It is simply bad style and even worse manners.

My name is Max Noble. I am an art adventurer, watch connoisseur and globetrotter, and I commit acts of nobleness around the world. This was my personal note about bad style. 

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The ‘La camicia bianca secondo me’ exhibition is opening in Milan tomorrow, so here is an updated version of our tribute to the unique style of Gianfranco Ferré, publidhed on Class of its Own issue 05.

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