I am tripping, yes. No drugs are involved, so far what know, or maybe the incense has something to do with my sudden visions of the red eyed bull in front of me. Just pure consciousness and being present. I am somewhere else, yet more present than ever and my journey is well guided and led by Master Bo and earlier McKinsey kick-ass corporate consultant, now modern day priestess Tina to have these strange sensations fed to my subconsciousness.

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I am desperate now to find at least one good song from the 80’s sex bomb, now turned to unwanted botoxed grandmother badly trying to get attention with her very inappropriate, uncontrolled and so-public twerking. I own Madonna her that. I own it to my 15-year old myself who used look you in awe and in mild arousement, when you moved around in “Erotica”, daring and artsy and not arty-fartsy at all.

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A middle-aged family father, Max Noble, listens to Billie Eilish for the first time and he is full of prejudices he wants to get confirmed. It is like having a teenage daughter in the same room and we share the same Bellyache. Not good. And so beautiful. I want to put her in my pocket and protect her from the bad world, and yet show her the world in it’s all glorious beauty. Not all is so bad or depressive after all! Conflicted is not a word enough to describe my emotions towards her.

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MY RIVIERA WEDDINGS is a boutique Wedding Planning agency based on the French Riviera in the picturesque seaside town of Villefranche sur Mer, and was founded by the creative-driven, polyglot and extremely open-minded, Natalia Langsdale.

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Creative Director and artist, Gyunel at work in her London-based atelier.

Creative Director and artist, Gyunel at work in her London-based atelier.

GYUNEL is a luxury brand known across the globe for creating the absolute finest in bespoke couture. Highly reputed for its exquisite craftsmanship and timeless design, it has grown to be a top choice for the world’s most influential women, whilst modestly gaining much admiration and recognition from the international press.

Founded in 2005 by Azerbaijan born, Gyunel, who then embarked on a creative quest to retell the story of timeless fashion, GYUNEL today caters to an exclusive couture clientele, offering an unparalleled by-appointment-only service at the House’s opulent showroom just opposite Harrods in London’s Knightsbridge.

With an eye for refined craftsmanship, elegance and reverie, GYUNEL has undoubtedly set a new standard in the realm of bespoke couture. Before expanding her horizons in fashion and couture, Gyunel was a successful artist. Each of her collections starts with her creative oil paintings, and is then transformed into working fashion designs.

These paintings are subsequently turned into prints on duchess, organza, crepe de chine and georgette created in-house in her London atelier. Gyunel is known for her ethereal prints and unique designs across all collections, and the supernatural theme of this collection continues to prove her signature creativity. 

Friends of the brand include Natalie Portman, Sharon Stone, Michelle Yeoh, Eva Longoria, Cara Delevingne, Olivia Palermo, Erin O’Connor, Yasmin Le Bon, Coco Rocha, Izabel Goulart, Nina Agdal and HRH Princess Al Said of Oman. 

Friends of GYUNEL wearing her creations at high profile events worldwide.

Friends of GYUNEL wearing her creations at high profile events worldwide.

At the GYUNEL Couture Autumn/Winter 2017-18 collection presented during Haute Couture week in Paris, France, all eyes were on the place Vendôme celebrated landmark that is the Hotel d’Evreux. The event took its form as a runway show attended by the likes of actress Marisa Berenson, fashion icon Christina Pitanguy, bloggers Kristina Bazan, Daniela Botero and Zara Alexandrova and designer Olivier Lapidus with his two daughters, Milla and Koukla.

A star-studded congregation arrived at the GYUNEL Couture Autumn/Winter 2017-18 show.

A star-studded congregation arrived at the GYUNEL Couture Autumn/Winter 2017-18 show.

On the catwalk appeared model and philanthropist, Petra Nemcova in ‘Fitna and the Bull’ (look 11), carrying a bull-shaped sculpted artwork on her shoulders, thus tying in Gyunel’s inspiration with the focal point of women’s empowerment principles.

Inspired by George Orwell’s dystopian masterpiece “1984”, as well as Kurt Wimmer’s “Equilibrium”, Gyunel’s latest couture collection combines avant-garde architectural lines with natural elements in what she describes as “what I imagine the characters would try to create for their utopia, after destroying the dystopian regime”. Her outfits represent an impression of nature and abstract modern architecture working together to create an otherworldly universe, full of balance between the modern and the organic.

This collection tells the story of a girl that teleports through time and space, from old books to parallel universes and mythological lands. Gyunel describes her muses as Luc Besson’s “Lucy, a character who takes drugs and begins to acquire increasingly enhanced physical and mental capabilities, such as telepathy, telekinesis, mental time travel, and the ability not to feel pain or other discomforts”, and Fitna from the Azeri folktale where a young girl carries a calf on her shoulders every day until adulthood at which time the calf has grown into a full-sized bull, in order to impart a lesson to the King that one can achieve everything with practice.

There is a beautiful sense of escapism in this particular story, and the colour palette follows this journey, as the collection flows from dark to light. Structured textiles representing the two contrasting worlds of nature and urban modernity fuse together in perfect harmony. Techniques include twisted bugle embellishments, structured translucent organza surfaces with visible loose metallic threads woven with jacquard to emphasise the turmoil one must go through when plotting against their old ideals. Geometric diamond cuts coupled with soft metallic abstract prints highlight femininity and demonstrate strength within the muse. From a dark past, our muses move towards an optimistic, idealistic future.

This Is Where The Fashion Is Born - Behind The Scenes Photos


It is a sizzling hot morning in June, and the clocks are striking ten. The most influential menswear trade show in Florence, Pitti Uomo has opened its gates wide open. It is a mismatch of an pre-Interet era trade-show and Instagram fashion purists’ playground. The paparazzi’s and various fashion hunters have lined up their big lenses towards the eclectic crowd. People passing by are professionals. They know exactly how to look, smile (or rather not to smile), pose and still keep moving like it was a day like any other. Except it is not.

Behind every Instagram profile, there is a much more complex person that’s the key to understand the style and fashion you see now in magazines, Youtube and with half a year delay, on street. Pitti Uomo is the place where the fashion is created, shared and celebrated by the Internet era creative geniuses.

Today is the day these prodigies of fashion and creativity show their results of months, maybe years’ preparation. And every time, Instagram goes mad about these guys. They are free prey for the hungry bloggers, photographers, journalists, tv-hosts and their followers love it. It is the powerful mixture of genius personalities (with vast followings), their unique creations and the background of gorgeous, mediaval Florence that creates this fiesta of creativity and marvel. And the Internet loves it. There is so much rich content for the bloggers and photographers that the Internet frenzy doesn’t stop until the next Pitti Uomo starts (after 6 months). But is not only the media that is interested about the latest creations. The exhibition halls around the Piazza where the creative geniuses show their feathers are full of Big Fashion Corporations, holding their breath and making notes what to include to their next collection. This is where the fashion is born.  

My name is Max Noble and I am an Adventurer, Cosmopolitan & Life Connoisseur and I am writing a book titled "The Laws of First Impression - Your guide on how to Master the Power of First Impression"


Casual & Aimless. You enter to the promised land of First Impression with high hopes, only to find out that the other is stuck inside his own head, without ability to think beyond his own concerns and routines. The great majority of First Impressions you experience are utterly haphazard muddles of assemblies.

This narrow-mindedness of others represents immense possibility to anyone who seeks to succeed in life. You need to learn think beyond yourself. Plan ahead.

I am going to share a secret with you. You know this to be true, yet no one have told it to you. The finding has been published only in an obscure academic magazine called Journal of Consumer Research just few years ago. 

Imagine yourself meeting your idol, someone you respect, - in person. You are alone with him and you have a glimpse of him. The First Impression is created. Then, imagine you in a group of people, your friends, meeting the idol. You do this together, - take in the First Impression the idol creates for you. 

"Master the Mass First Impression and you will Master your Destiny." Roger Federer by Marc Gysin

"Master the Mass First Impression and you will Master your Destiny." Roger Federer by Marc Gysin

Now read carefully. This is important. The research that the Oxford researchers did, found out that the joint experience, the one where you get to meet your idol in a group, trigger “a more holistic (less analytic) processing style”. 

Interpretation: Joint experiences are more open for insinuation. You are more in charge of your First Impression when there is a group of people experiencing it.

The second finding: “…evaluations of later episodes assimilate to first impressions.” Interpretation: The first impressions experienced with others have even bigger impact than when experienced alone. The First Impression done in front of a group of people, overshadows the experiences afterwards.

Law of First Impression. People in groups are biased to be inattentive. Use this in your advantage. Strengthen your First Impression by making it public, more the people, bigger the snowball effect. Hone your skill to make a precise and favorable First Impression in front of a group of people. Make your public appearances to your masterpieces. When mastered you can be sure that it has magnified effect. You have planted a seed and it grows in the minds of others.

Final Note. If perfected, this skill of Mass First Impression can lead to unprecedented success in your life. People will fall under your spell and your life becomes smoother and grander. It is now up to you decide how your First Impression looks and feels. Master the Mass First Impression and you will Master your Destiny.

My name is Max Noble. I am an Adventurer, Cosmopolitan & Life Connoisseur, and I commit acts of nobleness around the world. I am authoring a book titled part of "The Laws of First Impression", which this article is part of.

Disrespect the rules the society foists on you

Our culture consists of a social codex, - manners that we use to survive with others. It is a necessity. But it is also a game. We nudge each other to one or other direction each time we are in contact with each other. We expect that others behave in specific way.

Some take the rules themselves. Internalize the social expectations. They think that they master the rules. Yet the ones who use and force the rules most are also the most disliked. And that is all right.

"The ultimate right and wrong doesn’t exist. The right and wrong are constructions of human mind. And human mind is of fluid construction." -Max Noble

The rigid people imagine themselves that there is only one way of being and doing things. They know what is right and wrong in this world.  Yet, you and I know the truth. The ultimate right and wrong doesn’t exist. The right and wrong are constructions of human mind. And human mind is of fluid construction.

The rigid people are one-trick-ponies (circus ponies who master one trick and nothing else) and this makes them extremely vulnerable. Take them out of their comfort zone and they will be lost. They have programmed themselves to survive in one specific environment, one specific act the time. You don’t want to be a one-trick-pony. You don’t want to just survive in social situations. You want to master the social situations. And that is an art. Not science.

"When you meet new people, be the first one to humanize the interaction."  -Max Noble

"When you meet new people, be the first one to humanize the interaction." -Max Noble

Truth of First Impression. To master the human interaction and to perfect your First Impression, you cannot rely solely on rules. That makes you inflexible, judgmental, one-trick-pony. A graceless know-it-all. People will despise you and with time you will grow even more judgmental and isolated. To stop this, you need to trust your instincts, lower your guards and let the flow happen. Train your instincts together with the social codex. When you meet new people, be the first one to humanize the interaction. Take others in to the warmth of your personality from the first moment, look into their eyes, respect what you see and take action based on that. There is no predefined code. Be bold and create deep, meaningful interactions. Done correctly, it will make you well liked and respected, - a pleasant star of the day.

Final Note. Use of humor is the fastest and most efficient way to move others to ease. Even the stiff people will lower their guards and let them be influenced by you with a successful use of wit. That’s why everybody likes comedians. 

My name is Max Noble. I am an Adventurer, Cosmopolitan & Life Connoisseur, and I commit acts of nobleness around the world. This was my today's story about Disrespecting the Rules, part of my book "The Laws of First Impression".

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