I am tripping, yes. No drugs are involved, so far what know, or maybe the incense has something to do with my sudden visions of the red eyed bull in front of me. Just pure consciousness and being present. I am somewhere else, yet more present than ever and my journey is well guided and led by Master Bo and earlier McKinsey kick-ass corporate consultant, now modern day priestess Tina to have these strange sensations fed to my subconsciousness.

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Class-of-its-Own's Max Noble spent a few days with the eight-time car stunt world record holder, making skid marks and stunts at Swedish race tracks defying the laws of physics, yelling "HELL YEAH!" and getting spiritual (gotta share the wisdom!) and figuring out if Erik W. has what it takes to become a grown man.

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I am desperate now to find at least one good song from the 80’s sex bomb, now turned to unwanted botoxed grandmother badly trying to get attention with her very inappropriate, uncontrolled and so-public twerking. I own Madonna her that. I own it to my 15-year old myself who used look you in awe and in mild arousement, when you moved around in “Erotica”, daring and artsy and not arty-fartsy at all.

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A middle-aged family father, Max Noble, listens to Billie Eilish for the first time and he is full of prejudices he wants to get confirmed. It is like having a teenage daughter in the same room and we share the same Bellyache. Not good. And so beautiful. I want to put her in my pocket and protect her from the bad world, and yet show her the world in it’s all glorious beauty. Not all is so bad or depressive after all! Conflicted is not a word enough to describe my emotions towards her.

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Rampley & Co introduces the BRITISH MUSEUM COLLECTION

The collaboration with the British Museum is made up of three stunning designs. Paintings from India is inspired by several magnificent paintings from India in the museum’s collection. Merian’s Drawings of Surinam Insects & Birds inspired by a number of drawings in an album by the German artist Maria Sibylla Merian and her two daughters. Japanese Scrolls completes the collection, this subtle but intriguing piece takes inspiration from the Museum’s hand painted Japanese Scrolls.

Rampley and Co was born out of a passion to create elegant men's accessories through innovative design, the best available fabrics and quality craftsmanship. We felt that by working with exquisite materials such as Harris Tweed or collaborating with partners such at the National Gallery, the British Museum and the V&A we could create men’s fashion accessories that were truly interesting and unique.

Our men’s silk pocket squares are printed in a factory with a rich history in Macclesfield, an area famous for English textiles for over 300 years, as we look to blend new ideas with the historical roots of British fashion. For more information turn to their website.

RUBIROSA announces the launch of the next level of Gentlemen’s Sneakers

Gentlemen’s Sneakers: An innovative brand to launch through a Worldwide Crowdfunding Kickstarter Campaign

Flavio Agosti, the co-founder of RUBIROSA just announced the launch of the next generation of gentlemen’s sneakers.; the most recent invention and creativity in men‘s shoes designed by hand using top-quality leather and maintaining the exclusive standards of Italian craftsmanship. It is the leading smart and creative men‘s shoe that helps the wearer relax and move better either at home or on-the-go by combining comfort and high quality in line with the ability to correctly secure the shoe with a simple well knitted showlace.

RUBIROSA is a Swiss based private firm established with the primary aim of ensuring that its esteemed customers get high quality and innovative products at great prices leveraging on years of experience in craftmanship, quality control and production management. The firm is focused on designing fascinating and innovative gentlemen’s shoes using the highest quality of leather materials as well as the experience of centuries of traditional Italian craftmanship.

Through a perfect blend of expertise, ancient Italian traditional craftsmanship, sophisticated leather materials and cutting edge technology, RUBIROSA has earned a standing reputation in the design and delivery of the most captivating and fashionable men’s shoes leading to the satisfaction of its valued customers as well as positive feedback and referral. RUBIROSA products are born out of the philosophy of the legendary Latin American gentleman Porfirio Rubirosa; a fashion icon who lived between 1909 and 1965.

RUBIROSA has announced its crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter to raise funds for the production of the next generation of gentlemen’s sneakers and to finalizise the new packaging components so that the sneakers can arrive in homes across the world as soon as possible. Kickstarter; is an enormous global community built around creativity and creative projects established with the mission of bringing creative projects to life. It is the ideal platform to launch the next generation of gentlemen’s sneakers because RUBIROSA has an attractive and creative product which offers an exquisite way of bringing comfort and relaxation to the users.

Flavio Agosti says, “We believe people are going to fall in love with our new generation of gentlemen’s sneakers and the story of the brand. Our unique and high quality handcrafted gentlemen’s sneakers are made from the finest leather materials using the traditional standards of Italian craftmanship in the most experieced workshop in Italy. It delivers high-performance, unrivalled comfort and durable wearer experience to the users“.

The high-quality gentlemen’s sneakers are aimed at modern cosmopolitans of every age who value class and aesthetics. Men who have certain aspirations for themselves and those around them. Like the style icon Rubirosa, this young label represents an outlook on life: embracing beautiful things, fashion, style, pleasure, personality, authenticity and creativity. The unmistakable character of the handcrafted shoes is revealed primarily in its day-to-day wear and the quality of the materials shines through in their unbeatable wearer comfort.

For more information about the gentlemen’s sneakers visit and to support the Kickstarter campaign visit


It's not often you enter a prestigious venue such as Wine Palace Monte-Carlo for an evening of refined wine tasting thanks to host with the most, Bradley Mitton of Club Vivanova and you are greeted by a line-up of Shiraz bottles bearing the distinctive name of 'Old Bastard.'

While standing out like a 'sore thumb' amidst classic, elegant labels of some 3,200 other vinous delights on offer at one of Europe's largest wine cellars in Monaco, something about this particular eye-catching name and label made us guests take a second glance and implore to delve into the magic world of this fine Kaesler wine.

They say the book does not make a cover, well the same applies to wines. Old Bastard is indeed actually very highly ranked in the wine connoisseur's world despite its perhaps ambiguous name. Not to mention the artwork whose history is equally impressive and perhaps not as well known by amateurs of drawings and the golden era of cartoonists.

A little anecdote before delving back into the wine... Kaesler commissioned the wonderful Ralph Steadman to design the Old Bastard label, in late 2001. The first vintage to have his label was the 2002 Old Bastard Shiraz. Reid owns the Kaesler winery with a business partner called Ed Peter. It was Ed’s idea to approach Ralph Steadman in fact.

Still a little unclear as to the how and why, I was told that it is believed that it was because Ed was a big fan of the TV show “Yes, Minister” and had always admired the title card illustrations, with distorted and over-exaggerated caricature sketches of the main characters. Thinking them to be by Ralph Steadman (they were actually by Steadman’s contemporary, the cartoonist and illustrator Gerald Scarfe!), Ed had the idea to have a similarly distorted and grotesque caricature of an old bastard on the ‘Old Bastard’ label!

Cue to the extraordinary feat that the gnarly vines lovingly caressed by the stark sun of Australia and the old men's hands that year in year out, painstakingly plucked at to maintain a tradition so steeped that the lush swirl in my wine glass emanated while the heritage was humorously explained to the group by wine connoisseur extraordinaire and very own Kaesler guru, Sacha Timaeus.

After sharing another season with her soul mate, the sun, the Old Bastard Shiraz vines were pure and perfect. Old Bastard was first released in 1998 actually. The fruit was hand-picked and sourced from Shiraz vines planted back in 1893. Matured in 35% new and the remainder in 1 year old French oak. The wine making procedure is a closely guarded secret, with innovative techniques as yet revealed to new world wine. But what they can tell us is it was harvested by hand at the crack of dawn, when there was enough light shinning through the crystals looking like an amazing ranbow across the small vineyard.
— Kaesler


Now that we had been well and truly briefed while the dregs of the first tasting lingered lovingly on our palate, we immersed into the extraordinary history. 

The Kaesler vineyards were owned and run by the Kaesler family from 1893 to 1986, and who came from Silesia. I was thrilled to learn this as my husband is from Silesia (a nether region of Poland) and little do people know or understand about its coloured history marked by its borders and national affiliation that changed so very many times over the centuries.

Back to the roots - the Kaesler family were pioneers who settled in the Barossa Valley in the 1840s. In 1891 they bought a parcel of land and in 1893 planted their first vines. Today, Kaesler Wines are made from these ancient, dry grown vineyards by the third owners of this magnificent property. Barossa Valley Winery and Cellar Door is actually today home of The Old Bastard, Alte Reben Shiraz, The Bogan and other estate grown premium wines.

In 1999, winemaker Reid Bosward seized the opportunity to become the head of the new Kaesler family when he and his partners bought Kaesler, becoming the third owners of this property. At this time, the Kaesler vineyards consisted of over 70% red wine vines, all 40 years of age or more.

Now having access to premium old vine material, Reid set out to produce bold estate wines representative of the Barossa Valley. The intensity of the old vine Shiraz inspired Reid to produce a special premium batch, the “Old Bastard.” Classified as “Outstanding” by Langtons with its rich and intense fruit style, the Old Bastard Shiraz paved the way for Kaesler. A string of highly celebrated wines followed suit, the generous Stonehorse range and premium Old Vine Shiraz, “The Bogan” and Alte Reben wines to name a few.

A 5 star James Halliday rated winery, Reid and winemaker Stephen Dew, with their distinct style and modest winemaking techniques, consistently produce wines rated over 90 points by industry peers and publications.

Adding to their growing family, Reid and his partners acquired vineyards in the prominent wine regions of the Clare Valley and McLaren Vale, establishing the Clare Wine Co. and Nashwauk brands. Applying the same winemaking techniques and philosophies as their Barossa Valley wines, they created a signature style that emanates across the all their regional brands.

Well if this wasn't a history lesson, then I don't know what could top it off! When humour marries fine heritage and an encyclopaedia of terminology and geography, you get a pretty nice swish of ingredients to sample on in a tall Baccarat glass - fantastic!



Casual & Aimless. You enter to the promised land of First Impression with high hopes, only to find out that the other is stuck inside his own head, without ability to think beyond his own concerns and routines. The great majority of First Impressions you experience are utterly haphazard muddles of assemblies.

This narrow-mindedness of others represents immense possibility to anyone who seeks to succeed in life. You need to learn think beyond yourself. Plan ahead.

I am going to share a secret with you. You know this to be true, yet no one have told it to you. The finding has been published only in an obscure academic magazine called Journal of Consumer Research just few years ago. 

Imagine yourself meeting your idol, someone you respect, - in person. You are alone with him and you have a glimpse of him. The First Impression is created. Then, imagine you in a group of people, your friends, meeting the idol. You do this together, - take in the First Impression the idol creates for you. 

"Master the Mass First Impression and you will Master your Destiny." Roger Federer by Marc Gysin

"Master the Mass First Impression and you will Master your Destiny." Roger Federer by Marc Gysin

Now read carefully. This is important. The research that the Oxford researchers did, found out that the joint experience, the one where you get to meet your idol in a group, trigger “a more holistic (less analytic) processing style”. 

Interpretation: Joint experiences are more open for insinuation. You are more in charge of your First Impression when there is a group of people experiencing it.

The second finding: “…evaluations of later episodes assimilate to first impressions.” Interpretation: The first impressions experienced with others have even bigger impact than when experienced alone. The First Impression done in front of a group of people, overshadows the experiences afterwards.

Law of First Impression. People in groups are biased to be inattentive. Use this in your advantage. Strengthen your First Impression by making it public, more the people, bigger the snowball effect. Hone your skill to make a precise and favorable First Impression in front of a group of people. Make your public appearances to your masterpieces. When mastered you can be sure that it has magnified effect. You have planted a seed and it grows in the minds of others.

Final Note. If perfected, this skill of Mass First Impression can lead to unprecedented success in your life. People will fall under your spell and your life becomes smoother and grander. It is now up to you decide how your First Impression looks and feels. Master the Mass First Impression and you will Master your Destiny.

My name is Max Noble. I am an Adventurer, Cosmopolitan & Life Connoisseur, and I commit acts of nobleness around the world. I am authoring a book titled part of "The Laws of First Impression", which this article is part of.

Fear or Love the Charismatic?

It excites us. It enchants us. Most of us lack and want it. Charisma. It comes from an inner quality – self-confidence and creates a magical aura that radiates outward, making the life of charismatic beautiful and grand.

On contradictory to Charmers, Charismatic are not manipulators. They do not mask their cleverness or smooth others. They have energy that is not calculated, but comes from inner belief of being right. It is their birthright. Or so we choose to believe. Charismatic are mysterious, never fathomable and their power to seduce on mass level amazes us. Our reasoning disappears when we are in contact with master Charismatic.

Yet, they are serene. Cool. And show no signs of conscious effort. They are the Cheetah’s of the cultured savannah. Their elegance is in their smoothness. Practically anything they say or do makes them stand out of the crowd. They express a vision and we follow them gladly. We want to follow them. We fall in love with them.

You can spot the Charismatic by their energy, desire, alertness. They do not suppress their passions. There is always an adventure ahead with them. You can see it from their piercing gaze. Their eyes tell you to follow them. And you obey happily. Because it makes sense. Their purpose is better than others. We have an overwhelming desire to believe in something and their ideas are superior. And you trust Charismatic. Because they have deeply held values and play to our fantasies.

The piercing gaze. Fear or Love?

The piercing gaze. Fear or Love?

They are larger than life. They can stand calmly, quiet in a loud room and radiate purpose, yet appear vulnerable. They have a weak spot and they need love and affection. They work on minds and hearts of ours.

Charismatic have always been the heroes. The magnets of masses. Yet, there are always less Charismatics around than we want. Charismatics are the rare species in our grey urban jungle.

My name is Max Noble. I am an Adventurer, Connoisseur and Connector, and I commit acts of nobleness around the world. This was my note about Charisma.

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