Fear or Love the Charismatic?

It excites us. It enchants us. Most of us lack and want it. Charisma. It comes from an inner quality – self-confidence and creates a magical aura that radiates outward, making the life of charismatic beautiful and grand.

On contradictory to Charmers, Charismatic are not manipulators. They do not mask their cleverness or smooth others. They have energy that is not calculated, but comes from inner belief of being right. It is their birthright. Or so we choose to believe. Charismatic are mysterious, never fathomable and their power to seduce on mass level amazes us. Our reasoning disappears when we are in contact with master Charismatic.

Yet, they are serene. Cool. And show no signs of conscious effort. They are the Cheetah’s of the cultured savannah. Their elegance is in their smoothness. Practically anything they say or do makes them stand out of the crowd. They express a vision and we follow them gladly. We want to follow them. We fall in love with them.

You can spot the Charismatic by their energy, desire, alertness. They do not suppress their passions. There is always an adventure ahead with them. You can see it from their piercing gaze. Their eyes tell you to follow them. And you obey happily. Because it makes sense. Their purpose is better than others. We have an overwhelming desire to believe in something and their ideas are superior. And you trust Charismatic. Because they have deeply held values and play to our fantasies.

The piercing gaze. Fear or Love?

The piercing gaze. Fear or Love?

They are larger than life. They can stand calmly, quiet in a loud room and radiate purpose, yet appear vulnerable. They have a weak spot and they need love and affection. They work on minds and hearts of ours.

Charismatic have always been the heroes. The magnets of masses. Yet, there are always less Charismatics around than we want. Charismatics are the rare species in our grey urban jungle.

My name is Max Noble. I am an Adventurer, Connoisseur and Connector, and I commit acts of nobleness around the world. This was my note about Charisma.

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